Because my friends are awesome


It’s been an interesting month. Moving down to Cape Town kinda slaughtered us financially, and this month has been…well, more problematic than expected.

So it’s been tight, and I was getting heartily sick of taste of rice and lentils. And then yesterday, just when the very last of the catfood ran out and I couldn’t even bring myself to boil another pot of rice, our awesome “neighbours” (they’re people we met before we moved to Marina, and they live here about 5 min walk away) came around with cat food and bread and hamburgers and veggies and stuff (including toys and gifts for the girls). How fucking awesome is that? I mean, yeah, I was just about crying. Also, they made pizza for dinner.

They’re keepers.

And speaking of friendship, and networks of friends, and helping each other out, Hannah Moskowitz has a post on professionalism in writing, and oddly enough, it’s pretty much about friendship, in its way.

And Elissa Hoole’s author interview is up at Greenhouse Lit, and she brings this up again.

Flock to other writers, but screen them for drama.  Writers can be the only people who understand what you’re going through, but they can also be needy or competitive, so choose with care.  I couldn’t do anything that I’ve done without the support, camaraderie, encouragement, and occasional kicks in the pants from my writing friends.  They celebrate my good moments and help me brainstorm my way through the walls.

The full interview is here, and it’s great, rather like Elissa herself.

And I guess some of you are aware there’s this World Cup thing going on in my country at the moment? Well, sadly of course, my team is out (but so is France, so it’s all good). But here’s a pic of us at the “neighbours” for the opening game (SA vs Mexico, which we drew), The Slave and the Sprogs in their team shirts, and me looking hazy and drunken (wait…). And yes, that’s an Italian vuvuzela, unfortunately all the SA ones were sold out and the only ones left were for Italy.

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4 Replies to “Because my friends are awesome”

  1. Hey man… sorry to hear it’s been rough. At least it’s pay-day soon. And I’ll so invite you guys over for lunch or something at some point. If you need cat food or something drastic, DO shout. I live just down the road from you, in any case.

    1. Hey yeah, payday can’t come soon enough. I’ll see you at the adamastor’s thing, and thanks muchly or the offer.

  2. Yay, wonderful neighbors! Again and again, the world reminds me how awesome people can be. <3 cat! (Also, holy crap, when did your girls get so big?)

    1. Yeah we like them. 😀

      (I KNOW RIGHT? they’re huge, but it’s okay I’m putting bricks on their heads to stop them growing)

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