because my flist is full of learned people


A question.

I need to do some research on the time period of the first Medieval Inquisitions, and also events leading up to the Magna Carta.

So we’re talking 1183 to about 1215, although dates earlier and later that span that frame are fine.

What I want, knowing nothing about what happened and having never studied history, are recommendations of histories written during that time, articles on what life was like, warfare, art, writings, life in a monastery, even basic stuff about Catholicism – as I am woefully uneducated. If I can download from Project Gutenberg – even better, as funds are tight.

Now granted, I could google, but I want stuff that you think is good, so that I don’t crash about too blindly.

Thanks in advance good flist people. 😀

Oh ETA: I’m already bubbling over with new ideas, so I kinda don’t want to read any of the stories collected here, but if anyone is feeling up for a whole lot of folk myth and tales, sent me this link: Folktexts. Yay, inspiration.

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