Beast- and plantkeeping


Come along if you’re going to come along, or go to your left and strike true, and you’ll find your castle, princess.”


After the general insanity of the festive season, I am doing a final sweep through Beastkeeper before I send this round of revisions off to my editor. I realised I quite like Alan and Sarah’s interactions. I would totally be drawing cute manga pics of them if I could draw cute manga pics.


I also had a little trawl through the garden to check the figs. Sadly, still not ripe.  But closer closer closer yes!


And I must be watering my plants again because this little guy is looking more green and less red (they turn red when they are Dying of The Thirst. I have no idea what it is, but I would put good money on Nerine Dorman being able to tell me its common and Latin name off the top of her head. Woman has mad botanical skills, yo.


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