Be a real person, be a real African


So I’ve been slacking.

Or not really. It’s been raining and cold here and so I just kinda shut down. Today the sun is out, and I can finally hang up the fifteen million loads of wet laundry to dry. Rainy spells are the only time I wish I had a tumble-dryer.

Last week I met up with Casper and David de Beer for some drinks and meat on buns. We ranted a bit about various things in the short story market, thankfully something I’m not involved with at all, and a bit about David’s volunteer work for SFWA. I’m glad that he’s putting in the time to try and make the SFWA work, because it’s pretty thankless stuff.

I’ve been reading through the agent’s revision letter and I’m over my nervous breakdown, There are some really cool ideas in there that I want to play with. I also want to include more Jo’burg settings, and I have some wonderful plans for research. (Yeah, I *know* I live here, but really, I have no intention of setting a book in Primrose East, kthnxbai).

In other news, my hair was reaching Gaimanish levels of crazy, so I attacked it with a pair of scissors, and it now looks slightly tamer. I’m afraid I’m not one of those who can pull off crazy hair. And I don’t have the leather jacket for it either. I need to be on a more Trinity-vibe hair-wise. Yes. It’s back to black – goodbye red hair, it was fun, but the romance is gone.

In Monday music, I bring you the song I’m chilling to now:

A most cheesetastic old vid from the Rudimentals, who are an awesome band to go watch live. – Noh Tv

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2 Replies to “Be a real person, be a real African”

  1. which parts of joburg do you use, out of curiosity?

    and yeah, it occurred to me that I would probly have to go walkabout town a wee bit too for UG:)

  2. I’m using Highlands North, Orange Grove, Melville, Yeoville, Hillbrow and Edenvale.

    My side, brother, where it be dope. 😀

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