Award-Eligible 2015 Short Stories


With various 2016 fiction awards gearing up, here’s a quick post detailing my 2015 short story sales that are eligible for nominations.

Serein, published in Shimmer #26, July 2015

I’m Only Going Over, published in Daily Science Fiction, Dec 11 2015

Mouse Teeth, included in the 2014 Short Story Day Africa anthology, Terra Incognita, published by Modjaji Books (February 17, 2015)

Golden Wing, Silver Eye, included in the steampunk anthology Ghost in the Cogs, published by Broken Eye Books (October 31, 2015)


If you’ve read them and feel they’re award worthy, you have my thanks for any nominations.


(I’ve been asked to also include links to the awards my works would be eligible for, which is, like, obvious, but I am slow and need this kind of gentle prodding, so I will update this post with the various awards I know of as they open to nominations.)

Hugos (and information about eligibility and process)




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