arcproject order


Okay arc project people. YAY I’M SO ASCITED!!!


I have a rough list of names and dates. I’m putting everyone down for a week time slot BUT don’t panic. That’s just so I have a rough guide. I know sometimes post is slow and so on. Just try not to hang on to the book for longer than a fortnight and we should be good.


Also, don’t lose it or I will send my partner’s cat after you.


She is satan in feline form and can disembowel a camel in less than 15 seconds. SHE WILL TEAR YOUR FACE OFF.


With that spectacular threat out of the way, here’s the rough guide with the estimated date of arrival in brackets; remember that the date is mostly a big fat lie. I will send each person the postal address of the next person in the chain. I also ask than when you send it off to the next recipient, you just drop me an email to let me know so I have an idea where it is/where it’s going. Thank you!!


Nerine – Cape Town (currently has it)

Jennifer – Johannesburg – 15 August

Vanessa -Johannesburg – 22 August

Debbie – Germiston – 29 August

back to me

Laura – UK – 12 Sept

Annette – USA – 19 Sept

Katherine – USA – 26 Sept

Artemis – USA – 3 Oct

April – USA – 17 Oct

Grace – USA – 24 Oct.

So…even with inevitable delays that will work just fine. I ask that each person who participates writes a review. Please 😀 With cherries etc. Don’t post your review until after everyone has finished the arcproject, although you’re welcome to give a rating on goodreads if you like. And yes, you can give an honest rating. I will not really send the cat after you. (I might ponder it for all of two minutes though.)



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