Anine Booysen, South Africa, and Rape Crisis


A seventeen-year-old girl is gang-raped, disembowelled, her throat slit, and left to die.

The “corrective” rape of lesbians.

It is estimated that a woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped than learning how to read”

I’m asking if those who can afford it go to Rape Crisis South Africa and support their 1000 hearts campaign to raise money to help rape victims.

I’m also asking that wherever you are, you help get this as viral as possible. Rape Crisis simply cannot keep going, keep helping, without funds.


Thanks to all those who can help. To my international friends who would like to donate – R100 is about $11 (USA) or 7 quid.


Rape Crisis are Cape Town-based. You can search for similar organisations around SA


. (thanks to S.L. Grey for the link.)


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