And we’ll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow


Well it’s been odd.

40 000 words into hob an lam, and I realised I’m writing a cross-species same-sex vampire love story.

“I’m pissing you off.” But he’s grinning, an, I don’t know, I could probably put up with Sel knowing every damn thing there is to know about me, as long as he’s happy an sane. I drop my head an pull a pillow over it. Pathetic. I’ve mutated into a soppy bastard, might as well go out with a little flower pinned to my sleeve and skip down the streets singing love songs. I groan, and the down muffles the sound.

Sel is shaking next to me, so I pull the pillow away, worried that I’ve done something, an then I realise he’s laughing, not making a sound. He’s a weird little bugger for sure, so I stop him by kissing him quick, an sliding my tongue over those needle fangs, mainly cause I know he likes that.

He shoves me off him. “Not just me,” he says. “Listen, the sun is singing. People will want us to wake, to dress, to nod our heads for yes.”

Fuck it. I’ve lost him again.

I give up on me. Heh.

When I was younger I always used to think Tanita Tikaram’s Twist In My Sobriety was somehow about The Duncton Chronicles. And then I remembered there was a song that made me happy in a melancholy way, and I didn’t know who sang it or even what it was called. Well, thank Smurf for google, because it is in fact Del Amitri’s Nothing Ever Happens. Yes. I need help.

So, give me an obscure song that moves you and we can all share the pain. Tube of You links are fine in a fine-ish way.

Eta:omg I was pre-teen wangster, this song just proves it.

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