And Now For Something Completely Different


Yes, it’s a Tuesday teaser from Hob an Lam. 😛

This is from the new scene I’m working on, where young Jek heads off back to his old haunts to go find out if his uncle is still alive. he runs into a bit of trouble from his old rival pack and doesn’t quite make it there.

An if they get me to Marlon, I am one fucking dead Hob. There’s no chance of my old pack coming to get me free from him, not when as far as they know, I upped an left them stranded as fish.

If I run, they’ll have me down with those spears before I get ten paces. An if they don’t, they’ll holler for the rest of their pack to chase me down. I won’t make it back to MallenIve proper.

There’s coin in my pocket. Enough to bribe them.

Of course, the little buggers will take the bribe, let me go, an then when I’m not looking, they’ll slit my throat an have the rest off me. No word will get back to Marlon. You can’t push pack loyalty that far. I grin, an drop one hand to my pocket. The other I loosen, relaxed, ready. No point making them suspicious now.

“Look here,” I says. “Seems I’ve no desire to chat with my old friend, so how about we come to a working solution.” I pull out a handful of brass, an the Hobs lower their spears an step closer.

Fucking idiots.


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