And now for more general targets for 2014


I’ve set out my writing-related goals for 2014, so here’s a more general list for the year:


~ Get the flatlet built and ready to let by December.

~ Be better with school this year.

~ Rehome battery chickens

~ Do at least three short courses on things that interest me.

~ Be nicer to myself. (hard, because i hate myself so much, but really, this is getting tiring)

~ Prepare week menus in advance so I can shop more carefully/frugally.

~ Set up my studio/office and give myself the space to be creative – make art, get together with Terri and my sister for crafting.

~ Stop buying books to not-read; ie: read what I have/use library.

~ Read more short stories. – I will do this buy buying subscriptions to at least 2 mags. (I have a fairly good idea of which 2)

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