African SF anthology open to subs and review round-up


Here’s an anthology open to African writers of science fiction.

Sounds like a cool idea. If I wrote SF I’d be all over entering this.


In other news, you can read the first few pages of When the Sea is Rising Red on Amazon, and decide of it’s something you’d like to stick in your basket.


A couple of bookblogger reviews have mushroomed around the internets. I keep meaning to bookmark them and do a big review round up, but I am criminally lazy and this shall be my downfall. Here’s what I’ve dug up so far:


From A to Z says “It is a beautiful and haunting story that will stay with you for a long time.”

One Book at a Time found it meh and says “…was left with very mixed feelings.  It wasn’t what I had hoped it would be.”

Paperbackdolls enjoyed it, but felt it wasn’t for everyone  –  “Hellisen has written a unique story that is a blend of old folklore, mythology, fantasy and  her own personal style and the result is intellectually stimulating”

Findabookmark wasn’t expecting what she got, but liked it anyway.  Plus I kinda want what she wants – “Truthfully though I kind of just wanted Dash and Jannik to just kiss and make up.  God.  Those two.”

Alicemarvels also got a different book from what she expected, and didn’t mind at all. “If you put the writing of Neil Gaiman, H.P. Lovecraft, and Tamora Pierce in a blender, you’d closely approximate the reading experience of When the Sea is Rising Red”

Stackedbooks found the world-building confusing and thinks it should have been written in past tense – “I’d also recommend it to readers looking for a unique fantasy world, as long as they don’t mind not understanding a lot of it. ”

Intothehallofbooks loved the world of Pelimburg – “When The Sea is Rising Red is a beautifully dark and thrilling debut. I pondered it and was puzzled over it a few times, but mostly I spent my time fully immersed in it and I loved it from cover to cover. ”


So there you go…hope that helps you decide if you want to read it or not.




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