A Thinking Song, a Drinking Song


Lots of thinky stuff happening, past and present and future, and where to go from here.


This morning I dreamed I was at the bottom of an ocean filled with pin-point lights in the darkness, and slowly I began to turn gold and jellied, and become a fish egg as big as a human and the sea turned gold around me and I was thinking what kind of an amazing fish could I become if I just hatch?


So there’s that.


My next plan is to turn into a fish and swim around through this never-ending sea.


In the meantime I have fish-like things to think about.


Mostly about Lud and N&V, which really are both about oceans and change and human imagination, just told through different lenses.

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4 Replies to “A Thinking Song, a Drinking Song”

    1. I know right? It’s problematic. I plan to cut out the part of my brain that makes things go skew. *grin*

    1. 😉

      just keep swimming…just keep swimming…

      no wait why are you coming at me with that maniacal glint in your eye and a butcher’s knife clutched in your trembling hand?

      Was it something I said?

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