A spotlight on a review in a box


Or maybe just a spotlight, a review, and a box.

I have this broken old reading lamp that was a shade of blue that just doesn’t work in my house. So I’m turning it into a white flower, because I love kitsch shit, basically. Here’s step one:

Lamp outside, waiting for me to spray paint like a spray painting thing:

Now white and with new bulbs, and waiting for me to get myself in gear to finish what I started:

(yeah, I haven’t spray-painted much before. As you can tell. Hopefully my next adventure with an aerosol can is less…streaky. heh. Now to buy many many fake flowers and glue gun the shit out of this.)

OKAY then I promised you a review. *ahem*

Publisher’s Weekly review When the Sea is Rising Red and say nice things. I am stoked!


Debut author Hellisen’s style features evocative descriptions and unflinching detail, drawing readers into the unusual and intriguing elements that make up Felicita’s socially complex world.


And a box. I made it. It’s adorbs.

I kinda want to make some more with hand-made paper for things for book launching, but we’ll see how I feel in a month’s time. (Hi, I’m lazy, pleased to meet you!)




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  1. I can’t see the streaks, but bravo on the review!

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