A small goal reached


In most awesome news: Tanith has finally slept through the night.

I can has party now?

Whew, I’ve finished the first part of hob an lam, minus a few scenes I don’t feel ready to face. It’s currently sitting at 27 000 words. So around a third of the way through the first draft.

Part One ends on these lines

Of course, we can’t see the Mekekana’s ships from here, but scouts have ridden out into the deep desert and taken flashes. An emergency three leaf paper – quickly and shoddily printed – is already making the rounds, and I see one briefly before handing it on. The ships with their thousands of reticulated legs are reproduced in grainy black and white, fuzzy and indistinct.

The ink leaves smudges on my fingers and thumb.

Still another 1300-odd words to write today. I’ll get there.

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