A Public Service Announcement, of a kind.


If you’re lucky enough to have a book picked up by one of the big pub houses, or you’ve won an award, or you got an unheard of advance and your book is falling off the shelves and into people’s shopping trolleys, that’s great. It’s awesome. In fact, it’s utterly fantastic. And I am happy for you like you don’t understand.

It does not, however, make you a better person than the guy whose career has taken a different route. You are not inherently better than the person writing m/m erotica for the ebook market, it doesn’t make you better than the woman who publishes dense literary novels with a small press to a niche market, it doesn’t make you better than the guy who decided to take self-publishing head on.

You are not even better than the poor schmucks who got scammed into Publish America. Luckier, certainly. Better informed, probably. But not better.

Perspective, guys. Let’s keep some.

Everyone takes their own route into publishing, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. We’re all working toward our own goals, across different genres. Let’s just try cut down on the snobbishness. A little bit. Pretty please?

And now back to regular programming where I talk about shit.

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