a pox on your zombies


I bring you butterflies instead. Well, mostly butterflies.

The nano is clawing to its end (although, the novel itself is not). I’m at about 45 k, and things are gearing up.

People are turning less-people-ish, as they tend to do when I write, and the Bad Things are getting in place. Also the Good Things That Are Probably Bad, and The Bad Things That Could Be Good, If Only You Believed.

Blood will be spilled, a bear will get a Wee Bit Pissy, and some feral butterflies will go ape-shit.

As they do.

I was feeling a little disheartened by the book, by its utter lack of plot and stuff that makes books Books. But now we’re cool again. I just had to sit down and say, “yeah you’re a first draft. We’ll deal with that other shit later.” And there will be lots of later, because I can already see that this book will need at least four more drafts before I’m happy with the shape of it.

It’s all good. Gives me something to do.

Anyway, while trawling lj, I came across this post about Mansfield Park and Mummies.

I’m pretty much turned off the entire Austen and Paranormal Flavour of the Week shit that’s been happening, so I would have ignored this blog-post, like I’ve done so many of its ilk before, but for some reason I actually read this one. (Maybe it was the title….) But hey, it made me curious to read this particular book

so who knows.

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