A Novel Adventure



I’m very excited about the next Patreon project. I’ll be serialising my Hobverse novel House of Sand and Secrets on the blog and here. For those who haven’t read When the Sea is Rising Red, that’s not a huge obstacle. House of Sand and Secrets was written to stand-alone, and though I think having the knowledge of the world and events in When the Sea is Rising Red does make the reading a richer experience, it’s not essential.

I’ll start with Chapter One on Wednesday, and post every Wednesday after that.

My special thanks to the wonderful crew of readers who beta-read, critiqued, cheered me on, and generally helped beat the novel into shape. But most of all, to Brianna at Folded Wherry, without whom House of Sand and Secrets would probably never have left the dusty confines of an abandoned folder. Thank you, darling, you are a Very Special Potato Indeed.

So if you’re into House factions pitted against each other, underhand dealings, people in complicated marriages, magic, drugs, vampire-murder, cities built on magical fault lines, or just generally want to know what happens to Felicita now that she’s had to move on to a new life after murdering people, read on.

And now, as a wee teaser, the opening lines.

The city stinks of death. High summer has MallenIve by the throat and my apartments in the House Pelim holdings are stuffy and humid. We are miles from the Hob slums where a plague is currently raging, and still the air reeks of burned skin from the pyres.

Hardly an auspicious start to the season’s round of parties.

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