A Musical Interlude


I’ve become the proud owner of several new albums over the last year or so. Technically speaking, I am the proud owner of a some beautifully packaged mp3s. Because I hate waiting I normally buy the digital release rather than the cd or lp. (exception is wolf because I am freaking lame like that.)

Not all these albums came out this year, but since I bought them in 2013, these artists are going on my awesome sounds of 2013 so whatever.

So, in no particular order:

Gabby Young & Other Animals. Although the first tracks I heard were kind of brash cabaret, they have quite a gorgeously sweet melancholy sound on several songs.

Ellie Bryan. Not much info about her, but she plays miserable folk (that’s a good thing in my book) on banjo, mountain dulcimer and mouth harp. I am pretty much in desperate love with her version of incest-murder ballad deluxe, Sheath and Knife

This year saw the release of The Indelicates‘ latest album, Diseases Of England. It is utterly vicious and gorgeous and headed to be my album of the year.



(also, once again due to my lack of life, I would really really be many percentages behind anyone who took this song and made an angsty merlin/arthur fanvid with it. Because. Yes.)

Deap Vally‘s album Sistrionix just released, like..2 days ago, and if you want dirty dirty bluesy sabbathy, pagey sounds, as sung by two women who met at a crochet class (please, let this story be true, it’s too awesome to be a lie) then this is the band for you. They are pretty much UNF.

I think four is enough for a music post. I have some others lined up for another day.

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