A Happy End-of-Year round up.


Generally I beat myself up a lot for laziness and failure, so I like to, at the end of a year, try and look at what I have achieved rather than roll around in misery. Even wangsting cats need a break from wangst. 😛


1) I had my first book come out in February. So that was kinda cool.

2) The companion story Mother, Crone, Maiden came out on Tor

3) I moved into a new house.

4) I finished two books:  a twisted children’s book, and another Hobverse story.

5) I am in the process of writing three (or four, if I ever feel I can fix the fourth one) stand-alone fantasy novels, and um…another Hobverse book. (shut up, I know, ha!)

6) I started and gave up a commercial YA fantasy, and learned something valuable about what really interests me as a writer.

7) I read approximately 73 books, (some were plays, so I didn’t know if I should count them, but then I considered all the books I start and never finish and figured the plays can stay.)


See, that made me feel better. 😀

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