Attended Judith’s baby/stork party thingy this weekend. The girl is tiny and from the back you can’t even tell she’s pregnant. This means that I am crossing her off my Christmas list *grins*

Afterwards went to Bee’s place and drank dodgy Tanzanian spirits (hello, Konyagi!), Bee also discovered that despite all my protests I can actually read and understand Afrikaans. Dammit! My cover is blown.

We then trundled off to the Red Room in the name of drunken research.

It is exactly as it was two years ago, is all I can say.

Enough of such post-weekend wankery, let’s play instead.

Who wants to post their favourite opening paragraph (of their own work)?

I’ll start off with Pax, which is still close to my heart even though it’s action-bereft and quiet and not really hooky at all.


The Lady’s temple was only half-lit. Long beams of late afternoon shadow contrasted against the sunlight that streamed in through the clerestory windows. Jaden shifted on his bench and pulled his thin robe closed. Squadrons of cleaners were sweeping in with wide flat brooms, collecting the detritus of worship. One reached up reverently to lift the withered hothouse garlands from the Lady’s plinth. The marble statue sat, content among the offerings strewn about her gargantuan feet. Jaden watched in lazy detachment, plaiting Kael’s hair into tiny ebony whips, each as thin as a mouse’s tail.


Whoo, okay, the floor is open.

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  1. now this is a good descriptive passage:) lacks a bit of focus, but that’s minor, it’s nicely evocative and that’s something I’ve lacked sometimes in your writing. not bad, what happened to this one? I can see a lot of potential here.

  2. Thanks David. Ugh I still need to work out how to do comment threading here. I’m so dumb.

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