3 am eternal


Brain is dead from reading editorial revisions.

*cat lies down and fans herself for a while*

The changes are good, and I agree with all of them – except one thing, but that’s down to my dislike for the way UF has become so generic and I think it pushes the book in that direction a little, but…*shrug*  – only my brain is cowering in a far corner and whimpering and going “dear god, WHY?”

And yes, I’m listening to the KLF.

I don’t care if that’s sad, this is a fantastic song to hoop to.

Ignoring the horror that is reading my revision notes, we shall move on to the thing that brings me joy and centeredness and all that hippy-trippy shit.

My hooping is going swimmingly, thanks. Neck, chest, waist, hips, knees – all spiffy. I cannot get how people do the kick-start (still! It’s frying my body awareness) or ankle hooping. I can hoop while on my knees and walking (and even throwing in a few BD moves),  and I’m getting the beam me up. Today I’ll probably concentrate on shoulder hooping so I can transition better – especially into off body moves.

Yesterday I was practising catching the hoop with my feet, which was all kinds of fun. Only now I have bruises all over my feet.

For those who are interested in the hooping, here’s a vid I quite like. Alas, I haven’t figured out how to embed in wordpress without breaking my blog, so just follow the link, yeah.

 Fatboy Slim – That Old Pair Of Jeans

And now I’m going to have some tea.

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